Geography: The town is located in a mountain valley; mountains surround it on three sides. The mountains open somewhat to the west, where rugged foothills create a gap between the mountain ranges. The valley itself consists of heavily forested hills, meadows, and farmland. Two rivers flow down from the mountains to the east, combining into one larger river before flowing out to the west. The town is located at the juncture of the two rivers. The weather is temperate, with cool to cold winters, and warm summers; it receives a decent amount of precipitation, with more sunny days per year than not.

History: Brightvale has a complicated history. Brightvale was an important stronghold during the Second War of All Nations. During that war, the noble Sunsoul League fought against the infernal Fel Reapers. Unfortunately for the League, the Reapers had victory after victory, their armies rampaging across the majority of the land. Brightvale became the last stand of the Sunsoul League, and a desperate plan was concocted; using the most powerful magic they had, they created an impassible shield around Brightvale, and furthermore cast powerful illusions and charms to both hide the town, and furthermore to cause the outside world to forget its existence. Their desperate plan succeeded, and for over 2000 years, Brightvale has stayed hidden, the forces of Good awaiting the right time to re-emerge.

Population: The majority of the Brightvale community is human. The population of the town is tends to stay near 1500; strict controls are in place to ensure the population does not grow too large for the self-contained area in which they live.

Important Locations: The Academy, the Fortress of the Sun.

Important People:Asht Devon, your Headmaster and teacher, Arashi Moon, High Priest of the Sunsoul League.


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