When danger reared its ugly head...

The campaign began with the four intrepid adventurers having finished another day of training, and being congratulated by their mentor, Asht Devon. They were told that in two days they would graduate and finally be sent on the mission for which they had been raised. He then sent the party to bed.

During the night, alas, attackers managed to invade the academy! Some of the party awoke from the noise, while the rest slumbered on, until all were awoken by Asht dashing in to their quarters, and, without ceremony or fanfare, providing them with four rings and a rather terse explanation of what they needed to do. After explaining that the party needed to leave that very night, and that the rings would guide them to the items they sought, Asht turned back to fight off several intruders who were trying to get into the party’s quarters.

The party bravely ran away, leaving Asht to hold off several men with swords all by his lonesome. The last time the party saw him, he had been stabbed multiple times and appeared to be on the verge of succumbing.

As the party fled through the hallways under the academy, they were set upon by three unkempt men that promptly attacked. The party had a harrowing battle in the narrow hallway, defeating them soundly. At that point, one of the local cooks for the academy bolted from a nearby doorway, in a desperate attempt to escape. Sadly, he only wound up running into another group of bandits, and died at their bloody hands. The party in turn defeated this band of misfits, and our dear cleric attempted to open a locked door by breaking it down with his mace. Cooler heads then prevailed, and the halfling rogue unlocked the door after a bit of fumbling with her lockpicks. They opened the door to reveal…

A nasty ugly rather large and muscly human blocking the stairway! After our roguish friend tumbled up the staircase and around the fighter, opening up a flanking opportunity, the rest of the party closed to render assistance. At this point, the halfling took a rather nasty wound, and took her revenge moments later with a resounding sneak attack, causing the fighter to bellow “ow, my liver!”. The rapscallion was shortly afterwards defeated, the party victorious, and they resumed their trek out of the academy.

As they snuck out the rear doors and ran towards the shield surrounding the town, two last assailants came running out behind them, eager to stop the party escaping. The party disagreed with this idea, and backed up their beliefs with crossbow bolts and axes. Dead bad guys.

Our session ended with the party having successfully crossed through the shield, their rings growing warm as they passed through, before the party disappeared into the surrounding forest. Each member of the party received 563 XP for this session.

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